Aleida Guevara Calls for Increased Surveillance of Small Businesses: Cites National Security Threats

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Samantha Mendoza

Aleida Guevara Calls for Increased Surveillance of Small Businesses: Cites National Security Threats

Aleida Guevara March, daughter of iconic revolutionary Che Guevara and a vocal spokesperson for the Cuban regime, recently criticized small and medium-sized enterprises (Mipymes) in an interview with an Italian news outlet. She advocated for heightened surveillance by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) due to perceived national security risks associated with these businesses.

"The Mipymes pose security risks as they could facilitate the entry of drugs or other illicit goods into the country. It is essential to intensify CDR controls over activities within Cuba," Guevara stated during her conversation with Ilfattoquotidiano.

At 63, the pediatrician and staunch supporter of the Cuban government expressed concerns that, although the initial goal of the Mipymes was legitimate—importing raw materials to produce affordable goods for resale in Cuba—their operations are now problematic. "Often, these businesses import goods directly purchased with dollars, which when converted to pesos, become too costly for the average Cuban, who survives on a meager public sector salary," she explained, echoing sentiments previously voiced by Esteban Lazo.

Guevara March described the Mipymes as a form of "capitalist anarchy" that has exacerbated inequalities, rendering many consumer goods unaffordable for most Cubans. She urged the government to immediately address the soaring inflation affecting the populace amidst the ongoing economic crisis.

"This is a serious issue that the State must tackle and resolve now," she emphasized, suggesting that regulating prices should be the first step, followed by increasing wages.

This is not the first time Aleida Guevara March has made headlines. In November last year, Che Guevara's daughter volunteered as a soldier for the Palestinian cause, boasting of her proficient shooting skills and military training. Earlier in January 2023, during a speech in India, she accused the U.S. government of stripping Cuba of its rights to conduct business and blamed the U.S. economic embargo for the island's shortages of medicine and food.

In 2021, a recording broadcasted by Argentina's Radio Rebelde AM 740 captured Guevara March denouncing the Cubans who participated in the historic July 11 protests as unscrupulous and lowly individuals. According to Che's daughter, those who took to the streets were nothing more than thugs and ignoramuses, "unscrupulous people paid by the United States," dedicated to looting state institutions.

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