Cubano to Compete in Musclemania Event in Mexico

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Daniel Colon

Gilberto Morales, a Cuban bodybuilder, is gearing up to compete in the Musclemania Mexico contest, which will take place on June 8 in Mexico City, and Musclemania Latino, scheduled for November. His goal is to secure his participation in the continental and world events.

Morales, who is both a model and a blacksmith by profession, stands 5 feet 7 inches tall (approximately 1.70 meters) and weighs 165 pounds (around 74.8 kilograms) of natural muscle. This is his primary asset to compete in fitness events, according to the Facebook page for Musclemania Latino.

The young athlete explained that he follows a very strict training and nutrition routine: “After training, I consume proteins directly from meat, carbohydrates from clean rice, and always include some vegetables in my diet.”

“I like to keep it simple and functional,” emphasized Morales, who will debut in this type of competition on June 8 in Mexico City during the Mexican chapter of the Musclemania championship.

The event will gather athletes, sports models, and natural fitness bodybuilders from all over Mexico. There will be divisions for juniors, beginners, and novices, as well as for veterans and experienced professionals, according to the competition's website.

Upcoming Events

According to the announcement, the event calls for natural men and women who "support and promote a healthy lifestyle." In November, Muscle Latino will be held in Mexico, followed by the continental event on November 22 and 23 in Hollywood, United States. Meanwhile, Muscle Universe will take place on November 29 and 30 in Las Vegas, also in the United States.

Despite the food shortages in Cuba, bodybuilding remains a popular sport. One notable enthusiast is Gabriela, who served as a judge in Pinar del Río for six years before deciding to embark on a different professional path to dedicate herself to this specialty in the world of physical exercise.

Despite her love and dedication to law, this young Cuban woman has chosen to fully commit to bodybuilding, a sport she has always been passionate about.

From the same province is Karla Pérez Rubier, a young dentist who also loves bodybuilding. “Two things mainly caught my attention: one, the opportunity to improve myself in pursuit of a goal; two, the aesthetic beauty created by exercise. This last factor is very important for us women,” Pérez explained in statements to the local newspaper Guerrillero.

“The gym has been a turning point in my life. Sports, in general, bring with them arduous disciplinary routines, and competitive bodybuilding specifically. Besides the training routines, it takes time for posing practices and a diet unique to this sport, so the change is radical. In my case, I have taken it on with a very clear responsibility,” she explained.

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