Cuban Son Defends His 54-Year-Old Mother's Youthful Fashion Choices: "Look, No Surgery, Nothing!"

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

A Cuban man has taken to TikTok to defend his mother after she faced criticism for her youthful dressing style. The user, known as El Yoyo under the handle jorgeelyoyo1987, posted a video showcasing his mother as she babysits his daughter, responding to a comment that criticized her for dressing too young.

"For all those criticizing my mom, calling her old. Okay, she's old because she's 54, yet many of you in your 40s or even younger don't look like this. So stop the criticism and hope you look as good as this lovely old lady when you're 54," he initially comments in the video.

He further added, "And without any surgery or anything, all natural. So cut the nonsense and stop criticizing so much, she's already a grandmother. No more criticism, there are plenty out there in their 30s who look like they're 62."

The video features his mother flaunting her long black hair and stunning figure dressed in a white blouse and miniskirt. The response was posted in reaction to a user's comment, highlighting the natural beauty and fashion sense of the older generation.

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