Moved to Tears: La Diosa Shares Fan's Emotional Reaction to Her New Song "Corazoncito rojo"

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Grace Ramos

La Diosa expressed being deeply moved, grateful, and happy on social media as she shared the overwhelming reception her latest release, "Corazoncito rojo," has received from her followers. This song marks the first time she sings alongside her daughter, Reychel. "What an emotion for me, thank you!" she wrote on her Facebook profile, accompanying a video of a fan who couldn't hold back her tears while listening to a snippet of the single.

On Instagram, while sharing the same video, she celebrated the warm reception and the support: "Seeing the excitement of my followers with this song makes me happy, thank you all," she wrote.

The song, judging by reactions on digital platforms, has garnered widespread applause from fans, many of whom have shared personal anecdotes, released pent-up emotions, or expressed the deep feelings the song evoked. "Never in two years have I cried over my mother's death, and with this amazing song, I cried for the first time. A thousand blessings. You can't imagine what I felt releasing those tears I've held back for years"; "The song is very beautiful, very emotional, it brings tears to anyone"; "Beautiful song, it's so lovely, especially when you have your mom far away"; "That song touched my soul and feelings because I don't have a mom. I also shed tears, many congratulations and blessings"; "Anyone who didn't cry with that song isn't a fan of good music. It's very beautiful, full of emotion, and very pure. Happy Mother's Day"; "Truly, that song and Reychel's tender voice brought many tears"; "You'd have to have a heart of stone not to shed a tear with that song, just Reychel's sweet and tender voice breaks hearts," read some of the comments on the post uploaded a few hours ago.

Emotional Tribute to Mothers

Before this post, La Diosa had dedicated some heartfelt words to mothers on their day, gifting them her song "Corazoncito rojo," which had surpassed 49,000 views on YouTube just two days after its release. "Mothers are sacred. My mother, wherever you are, my congratulations to you too. Mothers are the only beings who continue to care for you even when they are no longer in the land of the living," she said in her message, accompanied by an image with her children from the music video of her latest song. She recognized mothers and sent a message of faith to those with children far away.

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