Cuban Activist Clashes with Musician Israel Rojas on Social Media After Assault at Concert

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Charlotte Gomez

Cuban Activist Clashes with Musician Israel Rojas on Social Media After Assault at Concert
Israel Rojas en transporte público cubano - Imagen de © X / @lucio_enriquez

Cuban doctor Lucio Enríquez Nodarse, based in Spain, recently engaged in a heated online exchange with musician Israel Rojas, the lead singer of the duo Buena Fe. The clash stems from posts both parties made on social media platforms.

Enríquez Nodarse, known for his activism and outspoken social media presence, was the victim of a brutal assault during a Buena Fe concert in Madrid on May 12, 2023. The attack, allegedly carried out by Cuban diplomats, was an attempt to silence his protests against the dictatorship. The activist has also been notably involved in a legal dispute with Ana Hurtado Martínez, a Spanish supporter of the Cuban regime, with legal proceedings pending.

On Saturday, Enríquez Nodarse posted on X (formerly Twitter) a photo from inside a "gacela" (a public transport minibus in Havana), showing Rojas seated among the passengers. This image prompted sharp comments from the activist, highlighting the ironies of Rojas's situation.

"Israelito, from 'Mala Fe' stooping to the level of the ordinary people, stubborn in his gacela. You've been unable to rise since your lackeys attacked us in Madrid. Passing a red bucket for tips won't even cover your fares, and at the CCOO (Workers' Commissions) theater, they're all starving—the ones who come to see you! Now reap the fruits you sowed, for I watered that planting!" tweeted the activist.

Rojas responded the following day, pointing out the supposed contradiction in being accused of servility to the Cuban regime while also being mocked for using the city's poor public transport services.

"So am I a government stooge who sold out for perks? And is riding public transport now shameful? Performing at the Workers' Commissions theater is for the destitute? Do you really think this buffoon is harvesting any of my misfortune from his fruitless actions?... Defeat after defeat. Ignorance upon ignorance. Scoring points out of thin air. Imagining achievements in others' misfortunes. Keep it up. You're on the right path," Rojas retorted.

Quickly, Enríquez Nodarse made Rojas's response public, criticizing him for having him blocked on social networks while still reacting with apparent pain and resentment.

The debate also drew comments from Ana Hurtado Martínez, who advised Rojas not to waste time arguing with Enríquez Nodarse, and from singer-songwriter Ray Fernández, who disdainfully dismissed the activist's efforts.

In his response to the influencer, Enríquez Nodarse reminded her, "No one asked for jail time, don't exaggerate! I asked for 10,000 euros! And that you cover the costs of the trial, my lawyer, and yours! Want to talk about family harassment? Ask the mothers of political prisoners and opponents to see what harassment is! You harassed and defamed me on social networks for months! We'll see who has the last laugh! The story isn't over yet!"

The ongoing social media battle highlights the deep divisions and ongoing struggles within the Cuban diaspora regarding the island's political realities.

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