Two Twin Sisters Plan a Heartwarming Surprise for Their Mother in Cuba

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Olivia Torres

A Cuban mother received the surprise of her life when she discovered that a person dressed as a bunny delivering a gift for Mother's Day was actually one of her twin daughters.

The two sisters, who emigrated from the island at different times—one initially moved to Brazil and the other later to the United States—coordinated their plans to visit their mother. This heartwarming story was shared by Univision journalist Javier Díaz, who posted the touching footage online.

One of the young women traveled to the island a few days earlier, but the other decided to arrive as a surprise. The video captures the moment when the young woman, dressed in a vibrant costume, hands a box containing an air fryer to her mother in the presence of other family members.

The footage shows the mother's astonishment as she exclaims, "What is this? Who is it?" moments before her daughter removes the costume, leading to an emotional embrace between the two.

Reunions Filled with Emotion

Videos of Cuban emigrants reuniting with their families on the island and surprise visits are quickly becoming a genre of their own, distinguished by their emotional impact. The details of each reunion might vary, but the images alone resonate deeply with every Cuban who has experienced or can imagine such a powerful moment.

The ongoing migration crisis in recent years has made these family reunions a poignant source of scenes that stir the emotions of thousands of Cuban-origin citizens, regardless of where they currently reside.

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