Oniel Bebeshito's Reaction to Power Outage During Concert in Italy: "My Mom Taught Me to Rise Above"

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Albert Rivera

Oniel Bebeshito, a Cuban urban music artist, encountered a mishap during a concert in Italy when he faced an unexpected challenge that showcased his resilience on stage. While performing one of his songs, the power supply to his microphone and piano suddenly cut off, leaving him without these crucial instruments.

Despite this setback, the reggaeton artist chose not to halt his performance. Instead, he continued to sing a cappella with the support of the audience, turning a potential disaster into a memorable moment of artist-audience unity. This incident was captured by a young attendee and shared on Instagram. Later, Bebeshito himself highlighted the event by posting it on his official Instagram stories.

"A phase got disconnected, and the lights went out on the piano and microphone, but my mom taught me to rise above difficulties. Today, I proved to myself what I'm made of. Thank you, Italy, for your support," the singer expressed alongside the images of him passionately engaging with his fans.

Oniel Bebeshito is currently in Italy as part of a brief tour through various European cities including Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, and Vienna. The shared post on Instagram has garnered attention, showcasing Bebeshito's ability to adapt and connect with his audience even under challenging circumstances.

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