Lisandra Silva Celebrates Daughter Leiah's Second Birthday

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Henry Cruz

Feeling grateful for every moment spent by her side, Lisandra Silva celebrated her daughter Leiah's second birthday. The Cuban model shared several photos of the party, which included Leiah's father, and dedicated heartfelt words to her youngest child, born on May 11, 2022.

"On a day like today, you were born, my princess, and since that day, I cherish every second I spend with you. Loving you and seeing life through your eyes is the greatest gift! Happy birthday, my princess! We love you," Silva wrote in a post that featured several snapshots and a video of the moment when they sang happy birthday with Minnie holding the cake.

A Heartfelt Celebration

On his social media, Raúl also took the opportunity to publicly celebrate their daughter's special day. "Happy 2nd birthday, my beautiful Leiah. I love you with everything I have; you are a great blessing to all of us. Happy birthday," he wrote, sharing several pictures of the little girl and the party.

The photos not only garnered heartfelt messages from their followers, wishing the little girl health and blessings but also applause for seeing the children's father in the pictures and celebrating such a special day as a family, even though he and the model are no longer together.

"I love seeing that you get along so well for your kids"; "It's wonderful to see maturity in people; this is how relationships should always end, especially when there are children involved"; "Beautiful parents being parents"; "Many blessings to each of you, and may your children grow up surrounded by love"; "It's so nice to see your family united and happy despite everything"; "How beautiful...!! The best gift for her is having her mom and dad celebrating together and getting along despite the circumstances. There's no better gift than growing up surrounded by love, respect, and family harmony"; "This is what emotional responsibility, respect, and maturity for the sake of the children look like; it's beautiful to see this," are some of the hundreds of messages that followed Silva's touching post.

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