Surprise Reunion of Cuban Woman with Her Mother in Cuba: "You're Going to Break My Heart"

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 by Michael Hernandez

TikTok brings us another one of those tear-jerking reunions, touching not only the protagonists but also everyone who watches it on social media. This time, the star was a Cuban woman who returned to the island unannounced to surprise her mother. Her mother could hardly believe her daughter was at the door when she answered it.

The emotional video captures the moment when the Cuban woman knocks on her door, waiting for her mother to come out. When she does, she is absolutely stunned. "You're going to break my heart," she says to her daughter, completely overwhelmed and with tears in her eyes, unable to react.

When the mother doesn't approach her daughter after a few seconds, the daughter jokingly says, "Not even a kiss for me? I'll leave again," which prompts the emotional mother to embrace her in tears. This touching scene was shared by the TikTok user @negritachula89, where it is about to reach 180,000 views in just one day, making it one of those viral reunions due to the raw emotion it conveys.

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