Cuban Vibes in Miami: Osmani Garcia and Chacal Celebrate Mother's Day with a Festive Gathering

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Edward Lopez

Cuban urban music artists Osmani García and Ramón Lavado, popularly known as Chacal, showcased their close friendship and how much fun they have together during their recent Mother’s Day celebration. The duo chose this special occasion to gather last Sunday at Chacal’s residence for a party that epitomized authentic Cuban flair.

The event was attended by family and friends, filled with music, fun, and notably, a feast featuring a large roasted pig personally cooked by Chacal. Osmani García took to his Instagram stories to share moments from the celebration, where he was seen enjoying the company of his friend and fellow musician alongside the delicious feast.

In one of the videos posted by García, other guests could also be seen indulging in the food and enjoying the vibrant Sunday gathering hosted by Chacal. Beyond their personal bond, the two are also professional colleagues within the urban music scene. They have collaborated on several tracks, including “Mi fidelidad” and “Se parte,” their latest release.

Their continuous collaboration and public celebrations not only highlight their strong friendship but also their significant roles in promoting Cuban culture through music and social gatherings.

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