Rey El Mago and Reychel Surprise La Diosa with Lovely Gifts on Mother's Day

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Elizabeth Alvarado

Cuban singer La Diosa celebrated Mother's Day in an exceptionally special way, surrounded by her children and her husband, Cuban producer Rey El Mago. The artist shared on her Instagram stories a series of images summarizing her celebration, which began early in the day with her daughter Reychel.

Reychel wanted to surprise her mother, and while La Diosa was still in bed, the young girl brought her several self-made gifts, which deeply moved the singer. Another surprise awaited in the living room, this time orchestrated by Rey El Mago. The producer awaited his wife's exit from the bedroom to present her with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a flower-decorated cake.

Undoubtedly, it was a very special Mother's Day at their family home in Miami, Florida, a day that the singer will remember with great love and affection. La Diosa also took the opportunity to extend her greetings to all Cuban mothers following her on social media, posting a digitally altered image of herself with the caption: "Congratulations to all the 40-pounders."

This post on Instagram can be viewed on Dianelys Alfonso's (@diosacuba) profile, where she shares more about her personal and professional life.

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