Cuban Actress Camila Arteche Reflects on Mother's Day: "It's Not Today, It's Always"

Monday, May 13, 2024 by Madison Pena

Cuban actress Camila Arteche took to social media this Sunday to encourage her followers to love and respect their mothers not just on this special day, but every day of the year. "It's not today, it's always," the actress posted on Instagram, sharing photos and videos that she described as capturing her "pepillas and some moments that will stay in my soul memory."

The young actress shared several moments spent with the mothers in her family, including outings, yoga sessions, and intimate celebrations, making her followers feel part of the deep affection she holds for her "pepillas". "Congratulations to all the mothers out there, those who give birth, those who raise, those who teach, those who spread love without asking for anything in return," Arteche emphasized, clarifying that a mother is not only one who gives birth but also one who loves another dearly as if they were their own child.

In her message to all Cuban mothers, she expressed: "I embrace you immensely."

On this Mother's Day, numerous Cuban artists have shared tender messages and beautiful memories with their followers. Eduardo Antonio, also known as El Divo de Placetas, posted a tribute that showcased his deep respect and admiration for his mother. On Instagram, the artist wrote, "I love this image of my mother with rollers in her hair," recalling how he always enjoyed seeing her like that from a young age.

Similarly, singer Divan extended his greetings to all Cuban mothers with a heartfelt message: "Thank you for giving us so much love." The musician shared his sensitive side by expressing profound admiration for two important women in his life: his own mother and Sailly Francisco Casas, his partner.

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