Tourist Laments Poor Service at Arenas Blancas Hotel in Varadero

Sunday, May 19, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Tourist Laments Poor Service at Arenas Blancas Hotel in Varadero
Piscina Hotel Arenas Blancas en Varadero - Imagen de © Barceló (Publicidad del hotel)

The disappointment of a tourist with the service at Arenas Blancas Hotel, located in the renowned tourist area of Varadero, has come to light through a detailed complaint posted on Tripadvisor.

The affected individual, who goes by the name Brayan, shared his negative experience, marked by dissatisfaction with the hotel's offerings. This guest described his stay at the hotel, which is part of the Varadero Resort by Barceló complex, highlighting serious deficiencies in service. Among the issues were lack of hygiene, irregular linen changes, and inadequate cleaning conditions in the rooms.

"I stayed at the hotel just two days ago. Overall, the experience was mediocre. The room service was awful. In five days, they changed the sheets only once, and that was because I threw them on the floor," Brayan said.

It was a family trip, and they had to deal with inconsistencies in room assignments, with rooms prepared for fewer people than required. "I requested two triple rooms, but they were equipped only for two people. I had to take a blanket from my room for my grandmother because she didn't have one. We reported all of this at the hotel desk, but it was in vain. It's embarrassing," he added.

He also mentioned that during his stay, there were limitations in the supply of toiletries like soap and toilet paper, as well as in the quality of the gastronomic service, which, in his opinion, did not meet the expected standards for a resort that aims to offer a first-class experience.

Brayan emphasized the staff's inability to provide effective solutions despite their efforts and good disposition. There is a clear disconnect between the hotel's online promotion and the reality perceived by visitors, leading to a sense of frustration over what they consider subpar service for the price paid.

Tourism in Cuba, a vital sector for the country's economy, began its crisis before the pandemic, with figures showing a progressive decline in the number of visitors. Although 2023 closed with a 51 percent increase compared to the previous year, the statistics did not meet the government's expectations, which aimed to receive 3.5 million tourists during the year.

Amid the political, social, and economic crisis in the country, Cuban authorities advocate for tourism as an economic engine capable of improving the population's quality of life. However, there is a growing gap between the government's promises of social welfare that tourism will eventually generate and the real experiences of sector visitors on the island.

Criticisms of shortages and poor service in hotels are repeatedly made on social media. Official data indicates that about 15 percent of last year's visitors to Cuba (358,481) were from the Cuban community living abroad, who come to spend a few days with family.

Common Issues Faced by Tourists at Arenas Blancas Hotel

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the common issues experienced by tourists at Arenas Blancas Hotel in Varadero.

What are the main complaints about Arenas Blancas Hotel?

Guests often complain about poor hygiene, irregular linen changes, inadequate room cleaning, and limited supplies of toiletries.

How does the service at Arenas Blancas Hotel compare to its online promotion?

There is a significant disconnect between the hotel's online promotion and the actual experience of visitors, leading to frustration among guests.

What steps do guests take when facing issues at the hotel?

Guests often report issues to the hotel desk, but many find that their complaints are not effectively addressed.

How has the tourism sector in Cuba been affected in recent years?

The tourism sector in Cuba has been facing a crisis with a progressive decline in visitors, which began before the pandemic. Although there was a 51 percent increase in 2023, it did not meet the government's expectations.

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