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The Brazilian government criticized the measures taken by Cuba about the family of doctors who provide collaboration in Brazil

The president of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), Florentino Cardoso, described as "excessive cruelty" the pressure that Cuban government is creating to the families of participating doctors in the Brazilian program "More doctors", to return to the island. Read More

Olivera is very close to signing with the Dodgers

Several Los Angeles and MLB media, and Miami Herald reported that the Dodgers are about to close a deal for $ 77 million to sign the Cuban player Hector Olivera. Read More

The painter Kcho creates free WiFi point in Havana

More than a year ago the studio Kcho Romerillo laboratory for art provided completely free internet. The service was offer in three computers in the library, but it was being small for the growing demand, as people were finding out. Read More

A great fire caused alarm status in Holguin

A major fire started on Wednesday afternoon, March 11, extending to near La Yaba, neighborhood near the town of El Coco, Holguin -in the east of the island- and extending late into night. Read More

New round of talks between Cuba and the United States begins in Havana

The delegations of Cuba and the United States will meet on Monday in Havana for a new round of negotiations following the diplomatic thaw on last December, today announced the State Department. Read More

Federica Mogherini will visit Havana

The High Representative of the European Union, Federica Mogherini; will travel to Havana on March 23 and 24, which will be the first visit by an EU diplomat with such a high level to the island. The trip occurs "at a crucial negotiations time between the EU and Cuba" announced today the European External Action Service in a statement. Read More