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January 3rd

A positive balance for culture in Camaguey in 2007

The culture system in Camaguey evidences significative advances in the year that is about to end, while the development of the leading artistic manifestations of this central eastern Cuban province gets perfected. Read More

Cuba: Impact of Growth at Household Level

There is no lack of hardships for Cubans, but the 7.5 percent growth of the economy in 2007 has had its impact on the population. Read More

Plastic arts to celebrate the triumph of the Revolution

According with the celebration for the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, there were three important plastic art exhibitions inaugurated at the Pabellón Cuba in this city. Read More

Las Tunas Works to Achieve Agricultural Growths in 2008

Producing some 115, 000 tons of foods, in the current 2008, is one of the main objectives of the System of the Agriculture in this eastern province of Las Tunas to elevate the suppy to the population. Read More

Movement of blind writers to be consolidated in Cuba

With around 800 blind writers, the movement of those creators was consolidated in Cuba during the year 2007, thanks to a greater access of that part of the population to education and reading. Read More


If you are already convinced that the only thing Cuba needs is for Fidel Castro to pass on and then to embrace the United States, there"s not much reason to go on reading this commentary. Read More

Ambassadors of smiles, La Colmenita attacks again

La Colmenita acts again in Seville. Boys, girls and adults packed the room with their eyes on the stage. December is somewhat grey and rainy in Seville but nobody stays at home. Read More

100 Hours with Fidel, 2007 Bestseller

The book was the result of an interview of the Cuban leader by Spanish-French writer and journalist Ignacio Ramonet and has been reedited several times and corrected, and enriched by the Cuban President himself. Read More

January 2nd

To return Casa de las Américas Award

Casa de las Américas comes back to the prime site of Latin American literature with its well known and important awards. Read More

2007: Latin America and its music are opening its roads

The Latin American music lived a good 2007 taken by the hand of the Dominican merengue singer Juan Luis Guerra, who lead the market and left behind a regueton that seems to be in decline. Read More