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January 9th

New Art Gallery in Sancti Spiritus

Cuban Minister of Culture Abel Prieto opened Monday El Paso art gallery in Sancti Spiritus city which was built in an old underground passage previously intended for pedestrian crossing. Read More

The New Year in Cuba: increased productivity, savings and prosperity

Cubans have made tremendous efforts to leave behind the crisis that hit the island in the l990s. But though its impact is still felt on the country's economy and services, there is a continuing upward trend that is reflected in a steadily rising Gross Domestic Product. Read More

Cuba: citrus company recovers greenhouses from hurricane damage

The hurricane Dennis ravaged the greenhouses of the Cuban citrus company Victoria de Girón from Matanzas. Of the 150 greenhouses, only 15 were still standing after the storm. Lead by engineer Gilberto Medina a team of construction workers started the repair works to get 100 greenhouses operational again. Read More

Aceituna Sin Hueso Hit Cuba

Combining Caribbean rhythms with Andalusian folkloric music, they become the new sensation in Cuba. The Cuban group Aceituna sin hueso is led by the vocalist, composer and director Mariela Moreno, and has achieved a musical combination of Caribbean rhythms and Andalusian folkloric music that has put them at the fore of the so-called "new era fusion" of Cuban music. Read More

UN official highlights Cuba's role in development

"Support from Cuban specialists and the island's government for the United Nations Development Progr(UNDP) is impressive," said Kemal Dervis, the organization's administrator who is heading a delegation on a two-day visit to this capital. Dervis, a Turkish economist, said Cuba plays a decisive role in this part of the world in its development assistance in such important areas as education, health, science and sports. Read More

Cuba teaches the world to read

In just 45 years a socialist revolution transformed Cuba from an impoverished U.S. colony to an international educational powerhouse. In 1961, Cuban rural illiteracy was 42 percent. In 2006, UNESCO awarded Cuba for its international literacy program. Read More

US peace activists visit Cuba

Washington's hegemonic pretensions and warmongering are part of an institutional policy that involves both republicans and democrats, US pacifists visiting Cuba have denounced.he humanitarian activists lashed at US power sectors that are making a large fortune from wars. Read More

Cuba Preserves Works of Ernest Hemingway.

Cuba has invested over 200,000 dollars to restore Ernest Hemingway's house in Havana while the US government impedes the financing of the restoration works. According to the President of Cuba's National Council for Cultural Patrimony (CNPC), Manuel Palacios, the island has also devoted a budget of more than one million Cuban pesos to the renovation of the farm where the writer of "The old man and the sea" lived. Read More

January 8th

Toward the pre-Olympic test

To Cuban sport the year 2006 wont pass into history as one of the best first level performances and provided that since early in 2007 there will be opportunities enough to measure again our real sportive potentials. Read More

Blanca Rosa Blanco: prize for Popularity

Definitively, the house where she was born, the coconut tree that was there, the first friend, the family, have surely marked the life of Blanca Rosa Blanco, the actress who still being a child sought every possible way to get others attention, reciting poetries she still didnt know how to read. Read More