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  • 03 / 20 / 2019

Several people in Havana joined the new viral challenge in social networks: the 'Trash Challenge', which consists of cleaning dirty public areas and posting pictures of before and after.

Many arrived at the mouth of the famous Almendares River in Havana, which in recent times has been a garbage dump and a source of pollution, and gathered forces to clean the place.

The call was launched on social networks under the name "Cleaning the mouth of the Almendares River", so that everyone could attend on Sunday, March 17 at 10 o'clock in the morning.

In the shared images many people can be seen collecting debris of all kinds, and then the place is cleared of so much garbage and waste.

According to the Environment Agency (AMA), fifty young people joined to sanitize at the mouth of the Almendares River, one of the most polluted in the country.

The AMA statement states that the purpose of these young people is to create awareness everywhere and with all kinds of individuals, so they are invited to contribute to a healthier environment and join this campaign where every action counts.

The so-called 'Garbage Challenge' has served to bring together environmentalists and others who are not but who have cooperated with the cleaning of forests, parks, rivers and beaches in many places around the world.

This time Cuba was not left behind, since every day many are those who access the Internet and can participate and extend this type of activities.

"If we do not change our actions by 2020, we run the risk of crossing the threshold where we will not be able to avoid unbridled climate change, with very serious consequences for human beings and all the natural systems that sustain us," said AMA.

Amendares is not the only important Cuban river in this critical situation. Also worrying is the pollution of the well-known Cauto River, the longest in Cuba, whose degree of contaminants could cause its disappearance in a few years.


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