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In the midst of the shortage of food that the island is suffering, the governor Miguel Díaz-Canel gave himself a mass bath this week in Santiago de Cuba, during his second official visit, this time of two days, to the territory.

Despite the difficulties Cubans face in obtaining basic products such as bread, oil or eggs, dozens of neighbors waited outside the headquarters of the Communist Party in the province, acclaiming the successor of Raúl Castro with vivas, including Fidel Castro .

"I ask Santiago to continue doing things, to continue defending what they are doing and to continue to show the country that we can do more," said Diaz-Canel to those gathered there.

He also told his followers that during the meeting he has had with Party cadres in Santiago, they have made decisions that will "be heard by the press."

According to Cubadebate, Diaz-Canel confessed in Santiago that the "current conditions" are forcing his Government to "creativity" and to do "innovative and encouraging things", although he did not give details of what he is referring to.

For the Cuban ruler, Santiago is "a booming province."

Díaz-Canel has taken advantage of his visit to Santiago de Cuba to go see the tomb of Fidel Castro, in the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia.

He was accompanied on the tour through the territory, among others, the first vice president of his government, Salvador Valdés Mesa, who said that the Executive is working on adopting measures for Customs to stop the entry of imported non-commercial goods destined for the black market.

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