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  • 03 / 18 / 2019

Canadian-Antiguan entrepreneur Calvin Ayre (May 25, 1961), an advocate of cryptocurrency Bitcoin SV, has uncovered this week the pot of thunder by sharing on Twitter a party with Cuban dancers, adolescent-looking, dancing twerking.

The party would have taken place in a luxurious residence in the Cuban capital on Tuesday, March 12. Calvin Ayre shared three images. In two of them he is surrounded by five young Cubans who could triple his age. In the last one, the five Cubans are seen with their backs to the camera in the position of twerking. "Taking rum with a team of Cuban dancers in Havana," the businessman wrote on Twitter.

The tweet did not go unnoticed and today has 2,700 comments, 2,100 likes and has been retweeted 710 times.

"Get this nasty denigrant from Cuba," wrote Cuban singer Erick Jon, who tagged Miguel Diaz-Canel in his commentary.

A netizen who calls himself Ironhalo simply wrote: "This is also known as pedophilia."

For Crypto G, the girl on the left seems to be 10 years old.

Omar Bham, a cryptocurrency enthusiast like Calvin Ayre himself, noticed that the businessman has not eliminated the tweet. "At least Calvin has enough self-awareness to realize that it's too late, and doing so can incriminate him even more ... This is not worth bragging about.

The businessman Calvin Ayre responded that the girl on the left is about to turn 19 and is hired by his personal assistant, as a translator, when he is in Cuba.

Founder of the Ayre Group and the entertainment brand Bodog, related to online betting and music and television production, both based in Antigua and Barbuda, the businessman does not understand why the flood of criticism that fell on the social network.

Not content with the impact of his tweet with the photos of the teenagers, Calvin Ayre posted a second tweet a day later with a video of Cuban "dancers" doing twerking.

Calvin Ayre simply responded with an expletive to all those who disapproved of his party in a pool with "adults." In addition, he sent a message to those who are upset with the images and videos that he hangs up: "Stop seeing my social networks," he recommends.

Everything indicates that the businessman continues in Havana and this Saturday he was enjoying the beaches of East Havana, in Santa María del Mar.

Shortly after he posted a photo in the company of a Canadian lawyer who has been in Cuba for 25 years. According to him, he is guiding him on how to invest in the Island.

In his Twitter profile, the businessman keeps hanging a photo in which he is seen toasting with wine with one of the young Cubans who appears in the video of the twerking. Calvin Ayre accompanies the image of a text in which he shows his satisfaction with the publicity that the photographs of his party with twerking included have brought him.

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