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  • 03 / 18 / 2019

The Government of Panama authorized, as of this Saturday, the Stamped Visa for those Cubans with a tourism card.

Executive Decree No. 122, published in the Official Gazette on Friday, March 15, states that after a corresponding evaluation has been carried out, the authorities of the Central American nation have established "the requirements and procedure" for these Cubans to enter Panamanian territory. .

From the regulations, Cubans who made use of the tourism card, with the aim of making purchases and visits, may opt for a Stamped Visa.

Therefore, they should go to the Panamanian diplomatic headquarters in the Island and present the original application form (and photocopy) of the general information of the passport and the respective entry stamps, flight reservation, proof of the fee paid for the flight. dollars and an economic solvency test.

On the other hand, the document mentions the guidelines to be followed by those Cubans who, before, were granted a Stamped Visa.

In the case of Cubans who already had an entry permit to the Central American nation and have "duly used it or at the request of Cuban authorities," they must also address the Consulate of Panama.

But, unlike the previous ones, they will only need to present the application form, the receipt of the amount of the 50 dollars and the passport, with a copy of the general information and the previous Stamped Visa.

The decree was signed by Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez and Public Security Minister Jonattan Del Rosario.

The sale of the tourism card was announced by the National Migration Service (SNM) of Panama last October. The objective was to facilitate shopping tourism to that country, without the need for a visa.

From Panama it was clarified that they could only be accessed by self-employed workers and artisans with a license or who had previously traveled to the Central American nation - or to another country. They would also have to present the round trip ticket.

The cards, with a cost of 20 dollars, have a maximum duration of 30 days and allow a single entry.

At the same time, it was announced the opening of the Stamped Visas of multiple entries and exits up to 5 years, for businessmen and Cuban tourists. The granting of this permit is subject to the verification criteria of Panamanian officials.

Since 2015, an immigration agreement authorized the consulate of Panama in Havana to grant monthly visas to the Cubans. Official figures show that in 2017 more than 71,700 Cubans traveled to Panama as tourists, most went to buy in the free zone.

This space, free of taxes, has warehouses and stores specializing in merchandise for Cuba where the so-called "mules" buy the products to resell on the island.

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