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Four Cubans were kidnapped in the state of Tamaulipas (Mexico), according to the newspaper El Universal.

The victims arrived last Sunday to the border city of Reynosa from Mexico City. The Aztec government explained on Wednesday that they were kidnapped by organized crime when they took a taxi.

Family members explained that the four people were taken to a house where nine other people were being held.

They also revealed that the kidnappers are asking for a ransom of 1,350 dollars, at the same time they confessed not to have denounced what happened because of fear that the authorities of Tamaulipas are "colluded" with the criminal organization.

The federal secretary of Public Security, Alfonso Durazo, explained in a press conference that they are investigating the event. "Regarding El Universal's information, we will make it part of these investigations that we are carrying out," he said.

This incident is in addition to that suffered by 22 passengers on a bus traveling on a highway in northern Mexico, who were abducted by a group of armed men.

That event occurred when the vehicle was intercepted by the command in the border state Tamaulipas, one of the most violent in the country.

For years, Tamaulipas has experienced a wave of murders and disappearances linked to the struggles between violent organized crime gangs, which often kidnap migrants to collect their ransoms or force them to join their ranks.

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