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  • 03 / 14 / 2019

Cuba continues to suffer from landslides. This past dawn, a building collapsed on the corner of Calzada del Cerro and Boyeros, in Havana, and the first reports point to there being at least one dead.

This collapse adds to the 752 buildings that on 27 January collapsed after the passage of the tornado that hit the municipalities of Ten de Octubre, San Miguel del Padrón, Guanabacoa, Regla and Habana del Este.

The plans of the Government of Diaz-Canel not only to reconstruct everything that is knocked down the winds of 300 km / h that accompanied the tornado, but also to make more houses.

The officialist press assures that the Díaz-Canel Executive intends to build 459 demolished houses in the place where they were, build 72 in new locations and enable another 273 in adapted premises.

In total the forecasts speak of building 804 buildings, 52 more than the landslides caused by the tornado, because some families lived crowded.

Demolition in Centro Habana

Just a month ago, the Government announced that it would demolish a building occupied by "illegals" in Centro Habana. It is a property declared uninhabitable since 1998 and that has been dropping debris on adjoining houses for years without the authorities acting.

"The demolition is planned for the first quarter of this year, it will depend on the process of declaration of illegal that will be started immediately against people who do not have a legal status in the reference building," government sources told the newspaper Juventud Rebel.

Collapse in Cienfuegos

Last Tuesday, February 19, a neighbor from Cienfuegos contacted CiberCuba to denounce that on 27th Street, between 56th and 58th avenues, of the Martí Park in Cienfuegos, a crane that was trying to tear down a facade in poor condition, took in front of the main wall of the house of an older man who, since then, sleeps in the open.

The affected was to ask the Government if they could give him some help to rebuild his room and told him to pick up the bricks that fell to the ground and to deal with it, according to a person close to the affected person told CiberCuba.

Cuba closed 2016 with a housing deficit of over 880,000 homes throughout the country. To these figures we must add the ravages of Hurricane Irma, which affected 7,336 Cuban homes in September 2017.

In the debate on Housing celebrated on December 19 last in the Cuban Parliament, the governor Miguel Díaz-Canel advised the Cubans to build their own houses. "We all have to build houses," he said.


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