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After five in the morning of Thursday, a two-story building collapsed in Havana, in which at least one person died.

Located just at the corner where Calzada del Cerro and Rancho Boyeros Avenue meet, a few meters from the Sports City, the building collapsed leaving families who lived on its top floor and who have been evacuated.

However, the Fire and Rescue and Salvage bodies are still working, while some residents of that central area of the Cerro municipality say that someone could be left under the rubble.

So far the official media of the island have not reported what happened, so that the official version of this tragic event is not yet available.

On the lower floor of the building there was a workshop where, according to the neighbors, nobody had worked for a long time because of the terrible conditions of the building.

On the other hand, the inhabitants of the place, according to the testimonies collected by CiberCuba, had been complaining to the Cuban government for some time about its poor state.

In the words of Ariel, who has spent hours "watching closely" where the collapse occurred, "since 75, the building never changed a nail." "I went to fumigate once there because I live nearby and I saw how those people lived without a flat, they walked on wooden boards, the solution was not to evict them, but to fix the house," he said.

"Like those apartments there are thousands in Havana, but the 'correcorre' is formed when the worst happens, that is why we do not understand that so many hotels continue to be built, while the population dies in misery. condolences to the relatives of the man who died and pray so that there is no other victim, "said the young man.

According to Julio, "sometimes the drought causes more landslides than the rains themselves". "Unfortunately, this one caught everybody sleeping," explained this retiree.

"When the tornado was fought, nothing happened to them, and look now, now they will have to take what remains of their lives." That was uninhabitable for a while, but people were in need because they did not have a home to go to. , he added.

In this sense, a woman pointed out that if the building had been owned by an owner, someone who would take care of it and answer for its conditions would never have been broken. "But since here those apartments are serviced by the State, people are still dying and nothing happens," he lamented.

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