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The US Coast Guard rescued 26 Cubans in a raft that was about to be shipwrecked in the South Florida Keys.

The Cubans were in a "rustic wooden boat". The Coast Guard reported that 25 of them were deported to the Island and the other sent to the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) because it faces possible criminal charges that were not specified.

"It is fortunate that the ship did not overturn or ended in tragedy, as we have seen recently in the Florida Straits," said Capt. Jason Ryan, chief of enforcement for the Seventh Coast Guard District in Miami.

However, the institution said in a statement that all were in good health at the time of the rescue.

According to the report, the migrants were seen by a boat 77 kilometers southeast of Long Key, the closest point in the United States. To Cuba.

After the elimination of the Dry Feet Dry feet policy, Cubans can no longer adjust their immigration status once they arrive in the United States as they did for decades.

Since then the number of Cuban rafters decreased considerably. However, the US newspaper ABC warned this week that Cuba was on the verge of a mass exodus.

According to the text, the critical points for which Cubans are trying to leave the country are Caimanera, in Guantánamo, and Banes and Gibara, in Holguín.

In both areas, they explained, there would have been a strong police deployment after the rumor that he was going to open the Guantanamo Naval Base days before the Constitutional referendum on the Island on February 24.

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