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  • 03 / 13 / 2019

Among the 157 people who died in the plane crash in Ethiopia was a Cuban, Mexican nationalized.

Graziella by Louis Ponce, also known as Gachi, was born in Havana, a Timorese cousin told a reporter for the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

According to him, Graziella's father was Cuban and his mother was from Mérida.

"We left when we were children from Cuba, we came to Spain and they went to Mexico with their mother, and she also lived in the United States before coming to Europe," she said.

Graziella worked as a translator for the United Nations (UN) and according to the Mexican press, she was fluent in 11 languages.

At the time of the accident, she was traveling with other colleagues to the IV UN Assembly on the Environment in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry expressed its condolences after the tragic event and said it had communicated with the relatives to support them in the consular procedures.

While Víctor Treviño, Ambassador of Mexico in Ethiopia, commented that he was in "shock" after the news of the incident.

"After the plane crash in # Ethiopia, I expressed my condolences this morning to relatives, people and the government of Ethiopia, without thinking that hours later I would have to do it to the relatives of a Mexican citizen, a passenger on that flight. long and sad, "he wrote on Twitter.

Luis Ponce belonged to one of the most recognized families in the Yucatecan region. El Universal points out that they were linked to the business sector and had business with the automotive industry and Bepensa, which handles products such as Coca Cola and Caribe.

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