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  • 03 / 12 / 2019

The United States has included another 5 companies controlled by the Cuban military on Cuba's "restricted list," the State Department said in a statement Monday.

It is a group of updates "including the addition of five sub-entities controlled by Cuban military, intelligence and security personnel or services," the text explains.

"The Department also simplified some entries by eliminating references to parent companies," he adds.

According to the information, the new modifications will take effect tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12 and said list will continue to be updated as necessary.

The State Department also explained that the decision to increase the list comes after Cuba held a "non-democratic and defective" Constitutional referendum that perpetuates the dictatorship even more.

They also denounced the Cuban military's support for Nicolás Maduro's regime, whom they label as former president of Venezuela.

"The Cuban military and security forces have encouraged Maduro in his quest to remain in power, contributing to the Venezuelan crisis, the human rights abuses against Venezuelans and the unspeakable suffering of the Venezuelan people," the note concludes.

To consult the complete list of companies restricted by the USA, you can consult the following link.

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