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Omara Ruiz Urquiola announced on Monday in their social networks that there is already medicine "for all" in the oncology of Havana, after their complaints last week.

"We won people, we put them to run and in record time there are oncological medicines for all," he wrote on his Facebook.

Omara, sister of Cuban scientist Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, suffers from cancer and in the last days they stopped their treatment because they did not have the medicines for it.

"I came to the hospital with donated medicines and they tell me that they have arrived, for all the patients! WE WON, they measured us one more time and with all of you, WE WON!", He reiterated shortly afterwards.

In an interview for CiberCuba, Omara explained that the nurse told her that there was no medicine to treat her, and that throughout the country there had been missing for more than a week.

Our reporter Iliana Hernández reported that the drugs were from last Friday and the rest of the women had received the treatment but Omara, who has reported multiple irregularities of the hospital, was not notified.

"If we do not approach the oncologist today, we do not find out that he was already in. In the previous consultation, when he touched him and there was no doctor, he told her that as soon as he arrived they would call her and they did not," she explained.

Omara suffers from cancer since 2005 and requires treatment every 21 days. "The damage they are doing to me is irreparable," he said, adding that doctors do not have responsibility, but State Security.

She has been denied treatment on several occasions, one of them for offering statements in the United States about the dysfunctionality of the Cuban health system.

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