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Tens of thousands of Cubans are looking for the possibility of emigrating from the island due to the resurgence of the economic crisis in the last month. According to the ABC newspaper, Cuba is on the verge of a mass exodus.

The critical points for which the Cubans would be trying to emigrate are Caimanera, in Guantanamo, and Banes and Gibara, in Holguín, where the Police and Coast Guard have armored the coast. In both areas there would have been a major police deployment after the referendum on February 24 was the voice that was going to open the Naval Base Guantanamo.

Readers of CiberCuba have assured that in Caimanera they do not let anyone who is not from Guantánamo enter. "They are detaining anyone who comes with an ID card that is not from here, they are like a wasp asking for an identity card at the checkpoint," said a resident in the area.

The ABC says that in Caimanera word spread that boats from the Guantánamo Naval Base would support a hypothetical mass exodus of rafters.

This has caused thousands of Cubans to arrive at the Provincial Bus Terminal with the intention of emigrating to the Naval Base. The Spanish newspaper adds that it could be "the beginning of a large-scale migration crisis."

The official press has not published anything about the situation in Caimanera, but the increase in police repression in the area would indicate that the country is preparing for a mass exodus of rafters. It also influences the fact that last year, for the first time, the United States failed to fulfill its commitment to issue 20,000 annual visas to Cubans.

Nicaragua opens the door to emigration

At the same time, the Nicaraguan Embassy has relaxed the requirements for granting visas to Cubans. Since the beginning of February, according to the ABC, the Nicaraguan diplomatic headquarters in Havana decided to "facilitate the visa application process for Cubans."

Readers of CiberCuba who are in the border with Mexico have confirmed that nowadays Nicaragua is the easiest way to emigrate to the United States because the Cubans save two very dangerous points: the Darien jungle and the migratory controls of Panama and Costa Delicious.

"This sudden change is rare, because until less than six months ago getting a visa to Nicaragua was very complicated," said Maria Esther Gómez, a young Havana woman who has relatives in this country.

She also assured the ABC that it is preferable to go to live in Nicaragua "than to stay in a country where the only thing that prevails is the lie and the ideology of the Government".

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