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  • 03 / 11 / 2019

A crew of the Spanish airline Air Europa was the victim of a firefight during the early hours of Sunday, when they tried to reach the hotel where they were staying in Caracas, Venezuela, after having landed in the territory, ABC newspaper reported.

José Roncero, spokesman for the Pilots' Union (Sepla) in Air Europa, confirmed what happened to the media. In recent statements, it was indicated that two pilots and the eight flight attendants were involved in the attack.

Apparently, two bikes chased the van that transported the crew through the streets of the city, with the purpose of robbing them. Inside the vehicle the passengers were accompanied by two members of the police.

"Two motorcycles in suspicious attitude (...) I did not stop, continuing with the established route, and I did not visualize them anymore. When arriving at the facilities, the crew was down from the unit, two minutes later there were reports of a reported robbery, about a hundred meters from the hotel, "said the driver of the van.

The crew, who made a flight with the Madrid-Caracas connection, have requested not to return to this conflicting destination. According to statements made to the pilots' union, this type of events had been envisioned by the guild workers themselves "during the last months".

Sources close to the airline claim that after the incident, an investigation has been opened "to know first hand what happened and gather the information." In addition, it has been recorded that "given the situation of energy instability, constant blackouts and lack of electricity supply, the company has decided to triangulate the route with Punta Cana ".

So from this moment, the crew of Air Europa will not spend the night in Caracas, but in the coastal town of the Dominican Republic.

Venezuela is immersed in a delicate and precarious financial and political situation. This Sunday the Bolivarian nation awoke for the third consecutive day without power after a blackout started on Thursday at 1700 local time (2100 GMT).

The Chavez government, led by Nicolás Maduro, said the failure in the service was the result of a "sabotage" of the Guri hydroelectric plant, the largest in the country that supplies almost 70% of the national territory.

The blackout, cataloged by Maduro as "an imperial ambush", has caused the death of 15 people in public hospitals since its inception. Among these, the deaths of three infants in a medical center in Caracas are counted.

As a result of this event, the head of the National Assembly and interim president of the country, Juan Guaidó, has made the government regime responsible. According to the opposition leader, Maduro "murdered by action and omission" after stealing the "electricity generation money." "No one believes his lies: from the iguana to the 'Cyber ​​attack," he said.

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