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The payment with magnetic cards in Cuba is still an odyssey. There is still no adequate infrastructure or education based on payment with plastic money to support it.

Therefore, things happen like the one that happened to Jorge Luis Diego de Miranda, resident of Antonio Maceo no. 3, in Cabaiguán, in Sancti Spíritus, who was ready to make a purchase with his card and, when he verified the account, he had been charged double.

The event took place in the El Álamo store in his locality, when he set out to pay 2.90 CUC and doubled that cost.

According to Miranda, he told the Juventud Rebelde official newspaper in his Acuse de Recibo section, despite the complaints and several visits to the store, until today they have not returned the money.

In addition to things like this happening on the island when you want to make such payments, the staff working in these facilities still do not have a proper mentality to use cards.

From Miranda, a few days ago, the La Revoltosa store in that municipality was bought to buy a box of chickens for a value of 25.50 CUC.

When she went to pay with her card, the employee informed her that "it could not happen because the service was very slow".

According to the aforementioned media, the man "observed that the employee did not even try to pass the card, the POS was on, ended up going to the ATM, and extracted the cash to pay: without the bonus that the Bank provides".

However, the cashier gave him 200 bills and the same employee asked for his identity card to write down the series of tickets, and his identification number.

Then he asked her to sign the paper, and the man "wanted to check if the numbers were correct, he got upset and told him that he was" stuck "because he could not pass the card."

"Now I'm wondering if the campaign the country is doing, and the effort that the Bank is making to use electronic money is worth it, and what are we going to do with female dependents like that, who seem to enjoy mistreating customers? "Miranda said to Juventud Rebelde.

Card payments in Cuba have become a nightmare. In addition to the technical problems that usually present, the population complains about the lack of availability that exists.

Recently, in the same medium, the story of a habanera who lamented that the El Cerro cashier spent more time broken than working was published. When addressing the administration of the Metropolitan Bank, they replied that there was a problem of "technological obsolescence".

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