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The tension that the lack of food in Cuba causes in its citizens has triggered fights and shoves in a store in Guantánamo to buy chicken.

The sad scene was shared on Facebook by Cuban rapper David Rodríguez Nápoles. "Look at how my Guantánamo is for people to be able to feed themselves," he wrote in the post.

The reactions of the users did not wait and many lamented the moments of desperation that are experienced in the Cuban territory to buy food.

"What a shame my Cuba and my people", "I'm not talking about the system but you really have to be blind is a lack of everything", "it's painful to see those images", "what a pain to see that my brother", were some of the comments.

Nor were comparisons with the crisis that Venezuela suffers. "We Cubans have to unite like Venezuelans, this disgusts me," said one user.

In the images can be seen how several Cubans try to snatch the bags amid shouting and disputes.

On March 1, Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel acknowledged the shortage of basic foods such as vegetable oil, bread, eggs and chicken.

"We need a more dynamic dynamics of the economy this year, to achieve an impact on the population's food, housing, transport and computerization, just to mention some elements that are important for daily life", He said in the Minister's Council.

However, the popular discontent continues to rise and again leaves a new chapter of tension while the country's authorities still do not solve the problem. Recently it was possible to see how the sale of oil bottles was being rationalized in the Carlos III shopping center in Havana.

Eggs, oil, bread, wheat flour have also been the recent protagonists of chronic shortages that Cuba has suffered for decades, where it is usual to cyclically scarce foods such as milk powder and even salt.

The long queues when the desired food arrives are a frustrating reality for the citizens, who suffer daily from the difficulties to get food.

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