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Since he passed, at least symbolically, the command of the country to Miguel Diaz Canel, Raul Castro has appeared very rarely in public.

Today, March 8, the former Cuban president was at the close of the X Congress of the official Cuban Women Federation (FMC), this being the fifth time he has appeared publicly so far in 2019.

Previously, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba gave a speech in Santiago de Cuba during the central act for the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

The second time Castro was heard, it was when he sent a congratulatory message to the nearly 30,000 inhabitants of the Third Front municipality of Santiago, neighbor of the Second Front, where he has decided to set his luxury retirement.

He was also seen in the March of the Torches and the day of the referendum, which voted in Playa and not even the official press covered the time of the vote.

Finally, this fifth time reappears on Women's Day and during the congress of an organization that brings together 89% of women over 14 years of the Island, which enter the FMC automatically, without asking them if they want or not.

However, Cuba and its leaders have wanted to show the world how advanced they are in questions of gender equality or to elevate the female figure, when the truth is that most of its leaders are men.

Although it celebrates today is March 8, the island does not join initiatives such as the Women's International Strike, nor campaigns for the recognition of women in society.

When in the rest of the world there are demands that are already resolved, today many Cuban women rose up to hit with the harsh reality of the country, which is immersed in the scarcity of basic products such as oil.

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