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  • 03 / 09 / 2019

Following the news that has circulated on social networks about the three children that former soccer player Diego Armando Maradona has in Cuba, his ex-wife, Claudia Villafañe, said: "No one thinks that Dalma is about to be a mother, only (they think ) to hurt ".

In the program Pamela a la Tarde, Maradona's first wife said: "It's great that if they are really his children, he recognizes them. The strange thing in Matías's story is that for years they have been paying maintenance, but there are children who do not know if they are because there is no DNA (study) in between. I hope they are, I paid them the retroactive of what I never paid them, I recognized them, they joined and they all got together ".

Yesterday, Maradona's lawyer and right-hand man, Matias Morla, confirmed that the Argentine has three children in Cuba, and said he will officially recognize them.

According to Morla, it's about three teenagers of two different women.

In his statements, Villafañe said: "What sounds strange to me is that if they are giving support to these children for years, and they knew for years that these are from Diego, why is it said today on television? If you already knew, what need is there for the press to find out that Diego has three more children in Cuba? If supposedly many already knew or thought ... Why today? "

"It does not bother me that it comes to light (that has three other children in Cuba), it bothers me the moment. I say it for Dalma, although she is rebién ", clarified Villafañe referring Dalma Nerea Maradona, the first daughter of the then marriage and who is waiting to be a mother.

"Whenever something happy happens in my family, which is his, because they are his daughters, he wants things to get dirty or one gets sick," said Villafañe.

"I do not get involved in all this, because I'm already big, I suffered a lot for many years and now I try to make this stronger. My granddaughter needs me strong, "he said.

According to information published publicly by Maradona's lawyer, both will travel to Cuba when the former soccer player finishes this season in Culiacán as coach of the Sinaloa Dorados, to appear before the courts and perform the necessary paternity tests.

At the moment, it is known that Maradona's children are officially Dalma, Giannina, Diego Junior, Jana and Diego Fernando.

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