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What do Cubans living on the island know about the crisis in Venezuela? This question is intended to answer this report from ADN Cuba, which even shows some of the interviewees images of the serious situation that the South American country is going through and that the Cuban media, of course, do not issue.

However, as is usual in this type of interview, the answers abound in vagueness, excuses and mostly navigate in the field of disinformation (true or feigned), and disinterest.

"I do not know what to tell you. I do not pay attention to those things "; "And who are you?"; "I had no idea, I do not put the TV."

Asking a Cuban in the street about any political, national or international issue, is still a task, as reflected in this report once again.

The only two interviewees who state that they are aware of the situation are placed at opposite poles of criterion and, curiously, they draw on opposite sources: TeleSur and "outside stations", the latter a generic term used on the island for decades to designate any source of information that escapes the oficialismo.

The one who is informed by "outside stations" responds about the situation in Venezuela that is "pretty bad and pretty fucked up", and adds that "Maduro goes with his feet pa'lante or pa'trás, that's for sure".

The above assumes that the only one that is able to formulate that reality that millions of eyes are seeing every day in the world is the one that feeds on the "outside", that is, the one that escapes the information bubble in which Cubans live.

In the antipodes, the old man who is informed by Telesur, states that "It is a town that is not going to surrender" and that Imperialism wants to get into Venezuela, which is the only vision and version that Cubans officially receive through their Press media.

Beyond the indolence and misinformation on the subject, highlights that deep-rooted fear among Cubans to speak, so much that it may take decades to recover the full impetus of the right to speak.

"For the one who is afraid, all are noises," said the tragic Greek Sophocles.

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