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The Government of Cuba will submit to popular consultation the new Family Code in which the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) would already be working.

The new legal norm is intended to address debates such as that of equal marriage, which finally fell out of Article 68 of the draft Constitution, which defined it as the union between two people.

It also plans to introduce the debate on gender violence, according to the Cuban News Agency.

The Government speaks of a new legislation that "grants rights, determines duties and guarantees to all families, without exception, effective protection", although it does not specify when it could enter into force.

Yamila González Ferrer, vice president of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, said at the X Congress of the FMC, which is being held these days in Havana, that it is important to address issues such as "sexist stereotypes" that, in her opinion, " they affect the dignity and development of people and, even, the functioning of institutions. "

It also seems important to discuss gender violence, the undervaluation of fatherhood, homophobia and transphobia and domestic work and care.

To give a political touch to her speech, the representative of the Cuban jurists said that the new Family Code will be a tribute to Vilma Espin.

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