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The scarcity of oil that affects Cuba continues to attract media attention to the point that the chronic absence of this product has reached the Noticiero de la Televisión Cubana.

The official channel collected the testimony of customers who regretted that the product has disappeared from the stores and when the quantities arrive "they do not satisfy the demands".

The report, which was issued on Tuesday, also left a curious fact since they did not allow the journalist to enter a state store, citing a "lack of permission". Something that is surprising if we take into account that both the establishment and the means of communication belong to the State.

The journalist Lázaro Manuel Alonso related that officials of the CIMEX corporation explained to him that the press "needs a permit to record inside the facilities".

Beyond the official obstacles, the problems faced by consumers to obtain a bottle of oil became evident again. Some users, even, are forced to go from the municipality of Regla to the Plaza Carlos III to buy this product.

In the Company of Oils and Edible Fats of Havana the amounts that must satisfy the provinces of the West are generated, but the lack of raw material and the problems in the machines become obstacles that hinder daily work and supply.

An example of this situation is lived in the line that packs the format of a liter, since since last Friday the machine that gives shape to the packaging presents problems.

The CEO of Aceicom, Henry Trujillo Pérez, limited himself to saying that they are looking for "alternative solutions". "Assistance was requested from a foreign technician from the suppliers of the line that arrived on Tuesday morning," he said.

A succession of problems that leave the citizens as the real harmed, because the reality is that the queues to buy oil go around the Island.

The oil is sold in the black market of the Cuban East at 100 pesos per liter.

(with Facebook image / Joel Domínguez)

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