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Enrique Mustelier Sosa and Guyen Chamizo Sayas are the children of two disappeared Cubans under the custody of the island's communist regime, who are still searching for the truth of what happened to their parents.

Enrique's father, the opposition Mustelier Turro, was president of the Democratic National Liberation Party. The dissident was serving a 17-year sentence of imprisonment in Havana, after being accused by the government of piracy and espionage.

Mustelier Turro has been missing since 2007. The authorities told relatives that the opponent had escaped from prison and therefore could not be found. However, his son still questions the veracity of the story since his father, was in very weak state to suffer from diabetes mellitus. For what he believes he may have died in prison.

According to Enrique in an interview with Diario de Cuba, lawyers on the island have advised him not to start a legal process for fear that he will be the "next disappeared". His brothers decided to go into exile in Ecuador and Spain and now, they are afraid to return to the country.

Likewise, he has received warnings from the political police so that he does not continue to denounce the case.

"They told me that the culprit was the one who was evaded. That nobody had disappeared from him. That it did not try to suffocate them, to take this problem to international instances or anything similar, "he declared.

In a similar situation is Guyen Chamizo Sayas, whose father Adolfo Chamizo was machine-gunned by Cuban military forces in an attempt to reach the United States Naval Base located in Guantánamo, on June 10, 1967.

Almost 52 years later, Adolfo's relatives have never been able to find his remains.

"He tried to get to the Naval Base to seek economic improvement, mainly," said the Cuban independent media. "Until this moment we do not know anything about him"

Adolfo was surprised between 10 and 12 in the morning in the border perimeter of the eastern province of the country and, although the authorities said he was deceased, they never reported the final destination of his body. "After the third day of my father's death they told us he is buried in a Guantánamo cemetery, they did not specify which one," he added.

Therefore, Guyen decided to take the initiative and go to the cemetery of San Rafael. However, no record of the family member ever appeared in the book of the deceased.

"Although many like cheating, there are few who like to be deceived and we are looking for the truth at the moment," said the Cuban. "We want the truth," he complained.

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