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The popular presenter of Cuban origin, María Elvira Salazar, congratulated the president of the United States, Donald Trump, on Tuesday for his recent decision to allow legal actions against more than 200 companies operated by the island's regime.

"It is good to see President Donald J. Trump screw the Cuban industries that benefit from the properties that were stolen!", Declared the former Republican candidate to the 27th district of Florida.

Salazar praised the commitment of President of the White House, in his desire to "hold a system that continues to live on the pain of the community."

Last Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Cuban-Americans could take civil litigation against more than 200 Cuban entities, for taking advantage of property expropriated after the triumph of Fidel Castro's Revolution in 1959. He also clarified that this was not it would affect other foreign companies based on the Island.

Pompeo explained that Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which in practice allows the claims to be developed in the courts of the United States, will remain suspended for another month.

However, the Trump administration official included an exception: as of March 19, US citizens may denounce those companies included in the "list of restrictions on Cuba." That is, all entities that are "under the control or act on behalf" of Cuban intelligence, the Armed Forces or State Security personnel.

Other political figures of the US government have congratulated the US president for this implementation process, including senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, and congressman Mario Díaz-Balart.

"President Trump is sending a strong message that the US He will not be left without doing anything while the Cuban regime continues to support Maduro's criminal family at the expense of the Venezuelan people, Rubio said in a statement released from Washington.

The new suspension will take effect this March and will expire on April 17, at which time the White House will evaluate whether it is necessary to extend the regulations, based on two relevant criteria: the "national interests" of the United States and the possibility of accelerating a "transition to democracy" in Cuba.

Since the presidency of the Democrat Bill Clinton, Title III has been stopped every six months by all the presidents of the United States, in order to avoid a wave of claims in the courts.

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