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The contamination of the well-known Cauto River, the longest in Cuba, is quite worrisome today, since they have not found a solution to shovel the degree of contaminants that could cause its disappearance in some years.

According to Dr. Julián Mojena Martínez, subdelegate of state inspection of Hydraulic Resources in Holguin, "58 toxic outbreaks have been identified in the province of Holguín that harm Cauto, with the capital municipality causing the most damage."

The director also added that "the 'social indiscipline' is the main cause of pollution in the rivers and streams of the city of Holguín."

"These residents contaminate the water in the reservoirs that are then used for productive, agricultural or industrial activities, and for the use of the population," he told the aforementioned newspaper.

However, the neighbors blame the government for not building a sewerage network in the city.

According to Mario Fuentes, a neighbor of the place, "where are we going to throw the accumulated garbage in the house if the car that collects solid waste takes many days to pass?".

According to the testimony of Angélica Pérez, a resident of Frexes Street, "year after year we have requested in the assemblies of accountability of the delegate, and at all government levels, the need to build a sewer system, but they always respond that There are resources to undertake the work ".

Another interviewee by the aforementioned media, who has worked for more than 20 years in the Aqueduct and Sewerage Company of the territory and who preferred to remain anonymous, said that "in the decades of the 70s and 80s there were enough resources to build a network sewerage that covered the province in its entirety, but this was not done due to government negligence. With this error, the damage to the environment, to the economy and to human health, which are irreversible, has quadrupled. "

The worrying thing is that many rivers that flow into the Cauto are also highly polluted.

According to Nairovis Zaldívar, neighbor of Pedro Díaz Coello, the specialists of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Holguin affirm that "if the Miradero river is not saved, there is a risk of contaminating the most important source of drinking water supply. of the city, and tons of waste would continue to be contributed to the current of the Cauto River. "

According to CubaNet, state companies are the ones that most affect Cauto. According to the report, "Holguín has officially recognized 140 organisms that are highly aggressive to the environment, among which the five sugar mills, the Porcine Integral Centers, the Combinado Lácteo and the three hospitals in the city stand out. more pollutants in the area, by dumping chemical waste of great magnitude in the rivers that flow into the Cauto. "

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