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The Cuban humorist Marcos García has revealed on his Facebook profile an unpleasant culinary incident that he lived in the state restaurant Bar-Restaurant "Cabaña", located on Cuba Street No.12, in Old Havana.

"BAR CABAÑA in front of the amphitheater of Old Havana. There was not what we wanted for lunch and we switched to grilled chicken breast. Delay with desire, musicians threatening and the breast arrived raw. State restaurants as always, taking a step forward to keep customers away, "commented the comedian next to an image that attests to the state of the dishes that were served.

Speaking to CiberCuba, the comedian added that they first ordered roast chicken and after a long wait they told him there was not any.

Then he opted to ask for old clothes and, after a similar wait, he was told "that the old clothes 'smelled funny'", so he decided to order the breast that was served under the conditions he has shown: raw.

With prices in freely convertible currency -as average of up to 7 CUC-, the bar-restaurant "Cabaña" serves Creole cuisine and international dishes. The grilled chicken breast is priced at 4.70 CUC, according to the Alamesa application.

In recent years, despite the effort that the Cuban government claims to be putting in improving the state gastronomic offer and rescuing some of the most iconic restaurants in the capital, such as El Cochinito, the truth is that in general the state gastronomic services continue without being at the height of the private management of gastronomy on the island.

Shortages, very low standards of product quality, dirt in some establishments and mistreatment of customers are some of the characteristics that distinguish state companies linked to food services.

At a time when self-employed businesses have become strong competitors for restaurants and state gastronomic offerings, the effort announced by the Cuban government continues to fail to see real improvements in practice.

"The state restaurants as always, taking a step forward to alienate customers," is the conclusion of Marcos García with which many other clients of the state gastronomy in Cuba will probably be identified.

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