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Alan P. Gross, who was accused by the Cuban government of spying for American intelligence in January 2010 and sentenced in 2011 for "acts against the integrity and independence of the Cuban state" which took him five years in prison on the island, said on his twitter account that lifting the US embargo on Cuba would create about 33,000 jobs in America.
Gross believes that lifting the embargo should be priority interest of the US government. This comment was about another tweet from Mark Noller, CBS correspondent in the White House, in which the journalist expresses some skepticism about Obama's insistence on lifting the embargo as a way for American interests gain ground on the island.

@AlanPGross Don't forget, for every $180,000 in US exports - one US job is created! Estimates indicate a gain of 33,000 jobs w/no embargo!

@AlanPGross Now is the time to enable capitalism to save Cuba's economy.


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