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Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez had a friendly meeting with the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, last September 20 in the afternoon, shortly before departing for home after having held official talks with Cuban President Raul Castro and having attended the Holy Mass by Pope Francis, the morning of 20, at the Revolution Square.
Today in her twitter account @CFKArgentina, the president of Argentina said she had received by the hands of Raul in the UN, photos of that meeting with Fidel and posted a snapshot of the meeting.
Cristina said in her tweets: "About Raul. Today when I met him, we talked and he gave me the photos of the meeting with Fidel at his home in Havana. Raul had promised bringing them to the UN, because we had left after the meeting with Fidel, to stay the night in Argentina. He kept his promise. Very good."


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