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The president of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), Florentino Cardoso, described as "excessive cruelty" the pressure that Cuban government is creating to the families of participating doctors in the Brazilian program "More doctors", to return to the island.

Havana argues that the employment contract signed with states that doctors can receive family visits, but not live with them. The contract does not specify the time of those visits, while the Brazilian government allows for 36 months.

The information obtained by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo about the presence in Brazil of marriages of Cuban doctors who have young children, the union executive said that the chances of children back to Cuba without their parents' wounds the dignity of the medical . They're working here with a very low salary, and do you want to take them and leave these parents without their children? It is something we can not afford, "he added.

For his part, President of the Regional Council of Minas Gerais State (CRM-MG), Itagiba de Castro Filho Medicine. considered "unacceptable under any pretext, the doctor residing in Brazil for three years and can not be with your family. This requirement goes against everything that comprises our culture with respect to family life," said

The export of professional services, especially in the area of health, is the first hard currency Cuba's government, which has a policy of not allowing aid workers traveling with their families to countries where they fulfill missions.

The case of doctors in Brazil has been an exception, but now, according to Folha, the Deputy Minister of Public Health of Cuba, Cristina Estela Morales, and that agency officials have been meeting with Cuban doctors in several Brazilian cities.

Morales met last Saturday with those working in the municipality of Sao Paulo Jandira and let them know that there are 530 professionals island waiting for a vacancy in the program. "The message was clear. If the relatives do not return, will be replaced," said a Cuban doctor was quoted as saying.

Source: Martí Noticias

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