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The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba has issued an ultimatum to the Cuban doctors working in Brazil, that their accompanying family members approved by the Mais Medical Program, must return to the island before next Sunday or will be severely punished.

The text of the emergency message received in our writing signed by hundreds of professionals, and we published in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French for wide dissemination by Internet search engines to be known by the international press.

"As the program Mais Doctors, Brazil as a serious country that respects the family and gives the value it deserves the indissoluble union of this is created, issued a law that makes it easier for family physicians participating in the program have your hand family time working in Brazil, as most of the countries that are hiring abroad.

It's sad that our country, Cuba, which defines the family as the fundamental unit of society and advocate for human rights whoever opposes that employees who work in Brazil and we provide significant amounts of money into the coffers of the Cuban state, we can not be together with our family for as long as we're on the outside.

It is difficult to understand as the country that claims to fight for social equality, and equal rights of citizens authorizes ambassadors and diplomatic staff to be with his family as us. worthy workers who have spent long years of our lives to work abroad on missions convened by the government, can not have the same rights as other Cubans.

They have made for our more than us, a consul, an ambassador or diplomatic personnel country? Ah! They do have that right!

If law is concerned, we have much more because we inject money into our country and that today medical missions are the main source of income to the country, thanks to our sacrifice but many do not see that point of view, it is truth we receive a small profit but never compared to what we bring to the state or the size of our sacrifice of leaving to meet our family's homeland.

It is sad to see how our leaders and minister in particular that is who forbids this, just see us as a means of production that makes money for the country and not as human beings, as the worker already has several years sustaining the country that many have over 8 years out of our homes and some with less conviction than others but all work for the government rather than for ourselves! that also is known!

We are treated as property, not as worthy workers who have delivered more of our time to work and serve the government that our children and spouse.

Here in Brazil is not prohibited from having intercourse with a Brazilian inclusive wedding, now live here with my lawful wife of 20 years married for over a month is a discipline according to the Minister of Health of Cuba. ! So here comes the absurdity of the Cuban government!

Bringing our family is not illegal nor Cuban law nor by the Brazilian is only illegal for our public health minister we only imposes this without giving a reason, because if not we send our family before next Sunday February 1 we will be interrupted mission, which was not signed our contract with Cuba, only now the Minister of Health using and abusing their hierarchy and knowing you have full control and dominion over us imposes that.

Hopefully you good journalists are ahead and publish this or pass it to the Ministry of Public Health as a great dissatisfaction ... and as good journalists seek to be the first to information rather than forcing few days we want to take our family here so the world will know about the atrocities of our government

We send hugs from Cuban doctors felt stabbed again by the Ministry of Health of Cuba.


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