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Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarria, who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, evolves positively and the presence of the virus in his blood has been greatly reduced, doctors said this Tuesday at the University Hospital of Geneva.

"An improvement in his clinical condition is observed ... his condition has improved significantly. No fever and started to eat," said the head of the ICU, Jerome Pugin, head of the Cuban professional care.

The improvement has been seen since Monday and the experimental treatments administered seem to have the desired impact.

"The rate of virus in his blood is very weak, barely detectable in some biological fluids. In the coming days could pass the state of noninfectious" said the chief of infectious diseases, Laurent Kaiser.

The patient was transferred to Switzerland last Thursday with blood, gastrointestinal and respiratory problems and extremely weak coagulation, and started to show improvement on the sixth day after began to be treated.

Although stable, the patient was admitted to the Swiss hospital in serious condition, raising fears doctors that his condition could deteriorate very quickly.

In the last hours, Baez has shown clear signs of improvement, sat in a chair, begins to regain energy and his mood is good, described the head of the ICU.

On his likely evolution, doctors explained that to declare cured Baez will have to be negative for the presence of virus in his blood in two tests with an interval of three days. When that happens it will be decided whether further tests are necessary to declare the patient "noninfectious".

The hospital director, Bertrand Levrat, meanwhile emphasized that the Cuban doctor is "on track, but not cured yet."

Source: CubaDebate

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