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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 11 / 21 / 2014

esglobal website, heir from the Spanish Foreign Policy magazine, has published the list of the "50 most influential Latin American intellectuals 2014", among which are the writer Leonardo Padura and blogger Yoani Sanchez.

Historian and essayist Rafael Rojas and economist Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Professor Emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh also appear. To make the list, esglobal claims to have had the cooperation of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO).

The criteria "have been very simple: to be alive and active characters, who perform at least part of their work in Spanish or Portuguese and have influence in the Latin American and international environment," says the publication.

Acknowledges that "the list is debatable" but notes that "part of their goal is to reflect on what it means to be a public intellectual today in Latin America" and hopes that its proposal is "controversial and stimulating."

Alongside Cuban appear Mario Vargas Llosa's Nobel Prize for Literature Peruvian; Mexican intellectual Jorge Castañeda, Enrique Krauze Jorge Volpi and Alma Guillermoprieto; Chilean Isabel Allende and Jorge Edwards; The presidents of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso; Bolivia, Carlos Mesa, and Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace Prize.

Also appear the Spanish writers Javier Cercas, Javier Marias and Fernando Savater; journalist Soledad Gallego Díaz and Manuel Castells; Pope Francisco, Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, Nicaraguan Sergio Ramirez and Venezuelan economist Moises Naim, among others.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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