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The Cuban government has taken strict isolation measures for all people traveling to the island from the regions affected by the Ebola virus in Africa. The Pedro Kouri Institute is in charge of hosting travelers for not less than 21 days and to evaluate their health condition.

So far, 28 people of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Congo, Nigeria and Cuba have been isolated, including 12 who are currently hospitalized. Jorge Perez, director of the hospital, said that one who does not want to be isolated must return to their country.

Controlling the spread of the virus on the island is a factor of high priority for health authorities, as an epidemic of this magnitude in Cuba would mean a serious problem not only for the country but also for the region.

It has also been reported as a preventive measure, that if any of the Cuban professionals who traveled to Africa to fight Ebola becomes ill not be repatriated.

Source: Diairo of Cuba

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