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“Vias de extinsion” is the title of Anton Arrufat’s new book, he presented it together with Pedro Jesus Lopez, who also presented “Imagen y libertad vigiladas”. Both texts were winners of Nicolás Guillén and Alejo Carpentier Awards 2014 respectively.

Arrufat’s book includes some stories that allude to other of his text, but presents a collection of verses that marks the beginning of a new phase of his literary creation.

It is a collection of poems is one that represents one of those gifts bestowed for life to write or talk about something we do not know exactly what could be, so Arrufat classified his work in Sancti Spiritus.

Meanwhile, Pedro Jesus Lopez said “Imagen y libertad vigiladas” is a mixture of fiction in which three intermissions appear with humorous dialogues, this  fact contrasts with the analysis developed between mimesis and intertextuality, whose base is a work of painstaking documentation and academicism.

Source: ACN

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