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In order to promote independent literature in Cuba and recognize the work and careers of writers marginalized by Cuban government Neo Club Editions and Club of Independent Writers of Cuba announced the creation of the Independent National Literature Prize Gastón Baquero. 

A team of writers, journalists and residents on the island and in exile, which will be released later, is now selecting potential candidates for this award, which will be delivered in early 2015. The award will be presented annually to a leading intellectual resident on the island.

The premises to be a candidat for the award are "the quality of the work," candidats must have at least two published books, like "independence, regarding the ruling institutions in Cuba." Also, take into account the candidate's performance in the last five years.

"It should be emphasized that this is not an award that comes from works submitted to the contest, but rather a prize-recognition of the work and / or independent path of the creator," says Victor Manuel Dominguez, VP Club Independent writers of Cuba.

Source: Diario de Cuba

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