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  • Submitted by: Luis Manuel Mazorra
  • 09 / 30 / 2014

Athletics has always been one of the leading sports in Cuba, although the results of recent years have not compared with those achieved decades ago, continue to emerge a few stars stand up for this sport.

Jorge Luis Sánchez, national commissioner of athletics, talks about upcoming events where the Cuban team will participate. "What comes up staying in this 2014are the Central American and Caribbean Games that will be developed in Veracruz, Mexico. There athletics will be competing from November 24 to 29 in the city of Jalapa. "

The celebration of this regional event will feature all the Cuban national team athletes, except decathlete Leonel Suárez who is recovering from injury. After the event, the athletes will have holidays in December and in January will begin the first macro cycle training with a view to the Panamerican Games.

Jorge Luis Sanchez also reported that the Cuban team will not participate in the next European winter season: "We've always attended as protagonists, but this time, athletes will not be prepared because of time and cannot intervene in this circuit"

The Cuban commissioner also talked about the possibility of Dayron Robles, Olympic champion and world record holder in 100 meters hurdles, to compete again for Cuba after requesting to leave the selection and take several months competing in Europe. "Dayron Robles has the right to compete in Cuba at the scheduled participation of our country (...) can be incorporated into the province and take part from municipal championships, then provincials, until he reachs the Cuba Cup which is the national championship (... ) to integrate the Cuba team or not, whether it would be a situation that would be analyzed in terms of its performance and features that our federation is to integrate the site with a view to the international stage."

Sanchez finished talking about the goals and objectives the Federation has set: "For this term we have as main objective to relocate Cuban athletes among the 10 nations in each of the competitions in which we intervene." To achieve this purpose must work hard in preparation and training of athletes, as it has become clear that the skills of the younger generation are not as bright as in previous generations.

Source: OnCuba

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